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A Boy, a Horse, and a Girl ride
Across the bridge to the vast side
The lifeless Girl set on the stone bed
The talk with the god to awaken the dead
A battle with the first statue of sixteen
This casts the gods' shadow on the scene

Travels though this vast land
Battles with this colossal band.
The Bull and Knight both fall
Thirteen left that the Sword shall call
A battle with the third of the sixteen
Casts the gods' shadow on the scene.

The Shaman and Soldiers start to come
While the Horse and Phoenix are done.
The bearded Goliath has been brought down
As well hydrous won't move around.
A battle with the seventh of sixteen
This casts the gods' shadow on the scene.

Arrows shot through the Lizard of the wall
Brings out the shaman's call.
The outcome of the turtle of this land
Also brings the downfall of the snake in the sand.
A battle with the tenth of sixteen
This casts the gods' shadow on the scene.

Flames cast upon the shadow of the Lion
Blade through the Basilisk's heart with good timing.
Arrows shot up though the Snake of the sky
Rubble kills the temple Tiger without even a try.
A battle with the fourteenth of sixteen
This casts the gods' shadow on the scene

The colossal Sentinel of the eastern castle
Falls with a thump and a giant hassle.
The Giga's maze is difficult terrain
But till the Giga's death the boy maintains.
A battle with the last of sixteen
This casts the gods' final shadow on the scene

This god grants his power to the Boy and Girl
The Shaman shows up and everything curdles.
The Boy gains uncontrollable power
And the Shaman and Soldiers, terrified, cower.
The battle between the Shaman and the Boy
The shadow of the god shatters souls like toys.

The Shaman struggles but at last
Casts the Boy in the fountain vast.
The Shaman flees across the bridge, the Soldiers too;
Just as the Boy is reborn brand new.
The battle is over finally,
But the Girl's shadow lives on untimely.
The end is a bit off If any one will help that would be nice.
Zantaro-sama Featured By Owner May 22, 2008
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May 20, 2008
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